Monday, July 5, 2010

Brain Drugs and my Quest for Sapho Juice

Does the idea of giving your brain a safe and effective boost as good or better than caffeine sound good to you? Are you a student or just enjoy using your brain all the time? "Well hell yea woaw!" is my answer for all those questions. It's all done using a newly emerging type of brain drugs called nootropics.

So I've been listening to a lot of the Dune audio books and fell in love with the idea of sapho juice. It's an imaginary tonic that the highly-trained mind-like-a-computer mentants would drink to improve their cognitive capacity. It was a bitter, cranberry-tasting drink that stained the lips. Anyway, I started digging around trying to come up with ideas for my own recipe and I found this post:

I hadn't heard of nootropics but they seemed to be exactly what I wanted. Further Wikinvestigation turned up some valuable knowledge:

Nootropics are a class of cognitive-enhancing drugs that are either highly nontoxic or neuroprotective. That's right. They're either really safe or good for you. Now, granted, we have to have higher standards of evidence to be absolutely sure, and it's not safe to just start trusting everything you read on Wikipedia. However, too many people are using this stuff and claiming to get real results and it's not obviously a scam. (I did some searches for that, too.)

I played around in the nootropic subform for a few days, getting some ideas. Then I went over to Ebay and purchased 60 grams of the most well known and widely used nootropic piracatam and 25 grams of the fat-soluble version called aniracetam, which some people claim is more potent. I figured I'd just mix them together and swirl 'em up. I also read you needed lots of choline to make the drugs more bio-available, so I tried to find a good source of choline. All of the supplements were too expensive for me, but consider the fact that I'm cheap and didn't want to go all out on some strange white powders I'd be buying online and ingesting. So I settled on lecithin, which is actually quite good for you and has been used as a food additive for a while.

Once everything came in, this is what I used for my first sapho juice recipe:
1 small cup of kombucha brewed with green tea and yerba mate (for the caffeine)
~1g piracetam
~400mg aniracetam
2 tea spoons lecithin

The flavor was.. terrible. I figured if I was going to have terrible tastes, I should mix them together and let them fight it out. The result was better than you'd expect, with the kombucha over powering everything else.

The results were quite good. Concentration was more intense and focus was easier. I'm quite sensitive to caffeine and this taken in the morning made me hyper productive until about 3 o'clock, which is when I normally start misfiring in my head. Coming up and while it was rocking my thoughts came quite easily and I was VERY chatty. It was QUITE enjoyable without being too enjoyable. The coming down was surprisingly mild. I just felt a little extra tired after work. Taking it in the evening was great. I enjoyed the extra desire to talk with my girlfriend and I slept just fine and woke up in the morning feeling normal.

All in all, with my dosages and tolerances it's about like half a cup of coffee or more with much less jitters and much less of the 5-minute experience of full-body-omg-I-can-FEEL-the-universe I get. The entire adventure so far has been about 40 bucks but I bought more and have played with different recipes which I'll write about in the future.
I'd also suggest playing around this forum for a bit to get some other ideas:

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